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Breakthrough Architecture Reaches More Users than Ever

RICHARDSON, TX - October 30, 2008 - The Hive Group today announces a significant new architecture with its powerful release of Honeycomb 5.5. The world's leading provider of treemap visualization software now offers more options than ever for enterprise and extranet deployments.

Built around The Hive Group's core generation engine technology, Honeycomb 5.5 leverages common algorithms and functionality, while enabling diverse deployment environments. This approach addresses the unique needs of architects, suits the flexibility requirements of developers, and accommodates the security and management objectives of administrators -- all while supporting the varied platforms of end users.

The core generation engine of the Honeycomb suite is leveraged across its development environments, including:

The “thin client” environment introduced in Honeycomb 5.5 targets enterprises with global reach, and supports their diverse user populations of employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. Featuring an extensible JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API) layer, Honeycomb delivers more power and customization than ever for both internal and external deployments. The innovative architecture manages simple and efficient client-to-server interactions -- enabling streamlined deployment to unlimited audiences, increased control, and reduced risk.

“I'm very pleased to announce this breakthrough in architecture. The Hive Group's offering is unmatched in the industry. Our customers can reach global audiences while gaining unprecedented control in third-party integration — all while meeting the security requirements of the most challenging deployments. The blend of simplicity, power, and versatility with Honeycomb 5.5 allows worry-free deployments to the broadest audiences possible,” said Jim Bartoo, CEO of The Hive Group.

As the inventor and “father” of treemapping, Ben Shneiderman has witnessed the transformation of treemapping from an innovative academic interface into a mission-important corporate offering.

“The Hive Group's Honeycomb software has always provided a means to quickly and efficiently sift through volumes of data. Now, with the thin client architecture, The Hive Group has raised the bar, providing a flexible platform that meets the demands of global companies,” said Ben Shneiderman, Founding Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland.

By eliminating the need for client plug-ins, the thin client architecture in Honeycomb 5.5 supports global deployments without the need for specific client-side configurations. The automated session management layer efficiently manages server-side resources, delivering exceptional speed and agility. Additionally, Honeycomb 5.5's Ajax data services are ideal for large businesses or government agencies with stringent proprietary, sensitive, or classified data requirements.

About The Hive Group

The Hive Group develops enterprise treemap software used by major corporations and government agencies. These organizations embed the software into their business processes to visualize performance metrics, identify issues needing attention, perform follow-on analysis, and take action. The company’s software helps users navigate their daily responsibilities — focusing their attention and improving decision-making — so they can better serve their customers and improve performance.

The company is privately held with headquarters in Richardson, Texas. For more information, contact 630-541-3741, info@hivegroup.com, and www.hivegroup.com.


Honeycomb is a registered trademark of The Hive Group, Inc.