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From industrial products to semiconductors, Honeycomb treemaps are used in manufacturing environments to monitor production metrics, track material flow, provide tool status, address quality issues, manage inventory, and monitor preventative maintenance programs.  Honeycomb’s real-time capability prompted one customer—a $40B manufacturer— to categorize Honeycomb as “mission important” to its operations.

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Financial Services

Honeycomb treemap deployments in the financial services industry span investment banking, consumer banking, commercial insurance, and credit reporting.  Importantly, The Hive Group’s software appeals to wide ranging audiences:  From internal analysts with highly specialized requirements…to individual banking customers that use the software via extranet to select securities or model their portfolios.  Similarly, companies also deploy Honeycomb to their corporate customers for credit scoring or insurance claims analysis services.

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Oil and Gas

The world’s oil and gas “supermajors” turn to Honeycomb treemaps to maximize efficiency in upstream and downstream operations.  Powered by Honeycomb, integrated decision support centers connect people, processes and technology for real-time oil field production and performance monitoring, extraction efficiency analysis, and variance in production data against reservoir models.  Similarly, energy services companies use Honeycomb to monitor the status and productivity of assets and equipment deployed worldwide.  Honeycomb is also featured in Accenture’s Energy Ideas Exchange (EIX), an interactive scenario-based environment that showcases the “oil field of the future” to industry executives.


Using analysis tools built with Honeycomb, utility companies and their corporate customers are monitoring and analyzing energy costs with more clarity and control than ever before.  The continued focus on clean energy, renewables, and energy efficiency is reflected in new performance analysis applications—allowing monitoring of utilities against regulatory compliance and other energy efficiency programs.  In one such deployment, investments in energy programs, and the effectiveness of those programs are portrayed through Honeycomb—with geographic, energy technology, and other program attribute filters providing methods of analysis.

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Logistics and Transportation

Large private and public sector organizations select Honeycomb treemaps to tame the most complicated logistics and transportation issues including asset management, inventory control, and real-time management and distribution of materials, parts and supplies.  One customer implemented Honeycomb to address equipment readiness challenges and, in the process, won five international awards for their implementation.

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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Honeycomb helps the world’s leading healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations maximize operational efficiency and profitability.  In fact, Honeycomb treemaps are applied more diversely in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry than perhaps any other for uses such as interactive management of drug pipelines, pharmaceutical sales tracking, and monitoring of operational metrics within hospitals and managed care facilities.

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Retail store operators, buyers, and brand managers must continually evaluate the performance of their stores and merchandise.  They apply many forms of analysis including category performance, brand performance, departmental performance, store-by-store comparisons, market share penetration, effectiveness of promotions, and geographic and demographic trends.  The Hive Group has enabled retail performance analysis both directly and in conjunction with retail solutions partners.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Honeycomb treemaps empower consumer packaged goods companies to analyze sales channels, monitor market penetration, and measure the effectiveness of vital marketing campaigns.  This helps them understand the impact of their competitors’ actions, leverage successful sales strategies across geographies, better coordinate distribution with marketing, and better address the needs of their consumers.


Honeycomb plays an important role in infrastructure monitoring.  The elements of complex communications networks are powerfully represented as treemaps.  Honeycomb treemaps portray complex communications networks, including specific equipment status and associated performance data.  Honeycomb’s action menus invoke additional systems and pass parameters which are used to further analyze, investigate and resolve network failures and communications bottlenecks.

Departmental Applications

Honeycomb treemaps are deployed in Fortune 500 companies for a variety of departmental purposes:  Global IT asset tracking, salesforce management, customer support, human resource allocation, product configuration and selection, dashboarding, marketing campaign analysis, and procurement.  Honeycomb’s unique approach to presenting data, and its support for investigation, analysis, and action, addresses a broad range of challenges.

Check out a Salesforce Performance Application