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Honeycomb Studio
Ideal for administering enterprise treemap deployments...   Honeycomb Studio offers a managed environment for deploying and maintaining treemap implementations. Studio features a design wizard that allows non-technical users to immediately begin building treemaps via a point-click interface that walks users through the creation process. Studio also includes an administrative module for end-user management and tightly controlled access through integrated security roles.
Honeycomb Thin
Ideal for extending treemap applications to mobile users...   Honeycomb Thin provides a server-side environment enabling the display and manipulation of treemaps without the need for any unique client-side software. Honeycomb Thin targets enterprises with global reach, and supports their diverse populations of users (employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners) on any type of device (PCs, tablets, phones). Mobile-optimized for both iOS and Android devices, Honeycomb Thin delivers more power and customization than ever for both internal and external deployments. The innovative architecture manages simple and efficient client-to-server interactions -- enabling streamlined deployment to unlimited audiences, increased control, and reduced risk.
Honeycomb Rich
Ideal for highly interactive applications accessing large, complex datasets...   Honeycomb Rich enables customized treemap deployments with rich controls and feature sets that consolidate processing on client machines and minimize the drain on valuable server resources. Featuring a JavaScript Interface to cell data, Honeycomb Rich can be deployed on any platform within virtually any web architecture. Since the underlying architecture can take just about any form, it’s designed to be quickly integrated, without altering the technical landscape.
Honeycomb Application Programming Interface
Ideal for integrating custom treemap functionality into advanced applications...   the Honeycomb Application Programming Interface (API) is a development module used to create highly customized treemap applications and to achieve deep integration with other products and services. The full potential of Hive’s source code is unleashed to support the development of custom treemap applications, deep product integrations, and brand new visualization technologies. The Honeycomb API answers the call from software developers that require complete ACCESS to build or integrate with custom or 3rd party controls; FLEXIBILITY to develop treemaps for any platform, including desktop, web, mobile, or hybrid applications; and CONTROL to develop revolutionary new applications with functionality unimagined today.
Ideal for on-the-go treemapping with no software infrastructure required...   HiveOnDemand is a first-of-its-kind web-based treemapping service that brings the power of treemaps to those who need a simple, yet effective solution for visualizing their data. With this offering, The Hive Group has made it possible for users to instantly create and manage dynamic treemaps in a convenient, interactive environment--without the need to install applications, maintain servers, or configure software. Instant productivity is the central theme of HiveOnDemand. The Hive Group has designed the service to be easy to use for anyone--specifically focusing on the most likely and simplest of data sources including live Google Docs, flat files like CSV files, or a simple “copy and paste” from standard desktop software like Excel.  HiveOnDemand is found at www.hiveondemand.com.
Ideal for dynamically generating treemaps from live data streams such as RSS, Atom, XML, etc... InfoStream combines three exclusive Hive technologies: 1) Data Stream Aggregation, 2) Watchlist filtering, and 3) Treemap display, to instantly connect to data streams, create and manage custom watchlists, and analyze results via Hive’s treemap interface.