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Richardson, Texas (November 21, 2013) – The Hive Group, the world's leading provider of enterprise treemaps, today announces the release of Honeycomb Studio 5.11.  The new release introduces new options for managing security and permissions of end user populations, and offers new support options for single sign-on (SSO) deployments.  Among the important highlights:

For nearly 14 years, The Hive Group has exclusively focused on only ONE visualization type:  the treemap interface.  Hive focuses on treemap deployments because of their very high utility, unique effectiveness, and ease of use by broad ranges of users.  In contrast, most visualization providers in the data discovery market try to offer dozens of different visual metaphors for representing data...choosing breadth over depth.  Not unexpectedly, this diluted focus results in treemap capabilities that often fall short of enterprise requirements.

Dan Struebel, Director of Strategic Accounts at The Hive Group, comments on the latest release of Honeycomb Studio:  “Instead of blindly following the 'more is better' mantra of most dataviz providers, we deliver more advanced treemap capabilities than anyone else in the market; and we relentlessly concentrate on the infrastructure and security requirements that our customers expect.  Hive's product direction is driven by our customers and their needs; and the latest release of Studio 5.11 speaks directly to these commitments.”

Jay Srinivasan is responsible for business analytics and global reporting at Sitel (www.sitel.com), and manages a company-wide Honeycomb deployment for global performance analysis.  “To us, the big difference with The Hive Group is they listen to enterprises such as Sitel and incorporate our business needs into their product road map,” commented Mr. Srinivasan.

About The Hive Group

The Hive Group specializes in data discovery and visual analytics, developing advanced treemap interfaces for operational and financial analysis.  Customers include major manufacturers, financial services organizations, logistics companies, natural resources companies, military branches, and many government agencies.  The company’s interfaces are used to analyze performance, manage assets, identify anomalies and trends, assess risk and compliance issues, and more.  The company’s patented Honeycomb® software has been commercially available for over thirteen years; and is its flagship offering.  Sample Honeycomb applications are found at www.hivegroup.com/gallery/.  The Hive Group also offers HiveOnDemand, the world’s first cloud offering dedicated exclusively to treemapping.  HiveOnDemand is found at www.hiveondemand.com.

The Hive Group is privately held with headquarters in Richardson, Texas.  For more information, contact 972-808-0400, info@hivegroup.com, and www.hivegroup.com.


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