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Armed Services

The United States Department of Defense actively employs Honeycomb treemaps to reveal patterns and outliers in countless volumes of data.  One example is the US Marine Corps:

The US Marine Corps has launched Honeycomb in all theaters of operation to monitor current and historical readiness postures.  This award winning application reveals supply and maintenance details for ground based weapons systems to provide a complete view of the Marine Corps Readiness picture.  The USMC MERIT application received Department of Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) certification, and was declared as the Marine Corps standard for Ground equipment readiness information, as well as the tool of choice for enterprise readiness management.  MERIT has been integrated into the “Block One” Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) portfolio and operational architecture, and has received Marine Corps Network Operations & Security Command (MCNOSC) approval to operate on NMCI servers.

Read about the US Marine Corps Application

View a static image of the US Marine Corps Application

International Governance and Security

Honeycomb treemaps are deployed in several international oversight, peacekeeping, and security initiatives around the globe, providing information security and assurance, and enabling rapid threat source discovery and risk mitigation of IT assets around the globe.


Honeycomb treemaps expose patterns and outliers in data, providing predictive intelligence and insight to malicious activity.  One major government agency utilizes Honeycomb to expose law enforcement problems against 65 million transaction events, including isolation and detection of “underground economy” activity.

Homeland Security

Honeycomb treemaps help law enforcement and emergency response professionals within the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) prepare for and coordinate responses to large-scale emergencies.  One DHS department depends on Honeycomb to provide a single view of deployed assets, and to monitor its facilities.

Higher Education

As universities adopt more rigorous management methods, Honeycomb treemaps help higher education institutions apply business management principles while delivering on their academic and research charters: In fact, one such customer, estimated by the Associated Press to have the largest enrollment in the United States, has turned to The Hive Group to better monitor operations and analyze effectiveness of their policies.

Public Services

Government agencies are increasingly interested in offering self service information and analysis to the general population.  Honeycomb is a new mechanism for serving the public.  Visibility and disclosure are the key themes.  Nutritional information, political data, and budgetary expenditures are among the types of uses currently offered or being developed.

Check out the US Farm Bill Application from Johns Hopkins