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Peet's Coffee and Tea recently completed a study of 300 shoppers who made purchases online.

92% of the treemap users said ordering was easy and they had a good overall online shopping experience, versus 12% who used the list interface.

Treemap users felt they had a chance to explore all the possibilities before they purchased (versus the feeling that if they had just clicked through a few more pages they might have found something they liked better)

User's Comments:
Someone had a fine idea to fit all these coffees, color coded, instead of the usual list. Well done.

Fantastic idea...as close to a taste test as you can get! Thanks!

Guys, outstanding addition to your site. Found the selector to be an ideal and friendly tool. Eventually, I hope to try each category. Thanks!

Bravo! What an attractive, engaging and informative approach to presenting information - E. Tufte would heartily approve! Thanks from a (list-overloaded) Peet's fan.


For more information about the usability study please contact us.